You’re The One That I Want

In forming female friendships, one must always beware of wolves in chic clothing.

When I meet someone new, I’m looking for a very specific skill set. A warm smile. A wry sense of humor. Excellent wingman potential. Accessories I want to borrow.

Oh, and most importantly? The ability to sing the entire Grease soundtrack from start to finish.

It may sound frivolous, but mark my words:

You should never trust a girl who doesn’t love Grease.

If your new bestie can’t complete the lyric, “Look at me, I’m _________,” for heaven’s sake keep walking. This person could very well steal your boyfriend, spill a secret, or shove past you at a sample sale.

Some would argue that other movies (like Clueless, Annie, or perhaps The Notebook) are equally reliable cinematic litmus tests. I’ll let y’all debate it, but I’m a purist.

Grease is the word.


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