Yoga Etiquette

Hi Annabel, 
Have you ever been to a yoga class? I go all the time and people are unbelievably rude! Got any tips? 
Om Girl in 818
Hey, OG!
Lord, yes. Let’s put the class back in yoga.

Here’s how:

1. Don’t crowd your neighbor. Wherever possible, spread out to make sure everyone has enough space.
2. Go with the flow. Even if you’re a super guru, don’t chant theatrically or bust out staggeringly difficult poses while the rest of the class is trying to master downward dog.
3. Turn off all technology. Cell phone, BlackBerries, iPhones — anything that has to be charged up should be powered down.
4. Don’t show up wearing patchouli oil in place of deodorant. There may be a prissy girl nearby who’s trying to shut off her brain and breathe deeply. Ahem.
5. Take off your shoes before you enter the yoga studio. Technically, you’re supposed to leave them outside, but if your flips are fancy, well, tuck them in a tote.
6. Stay for savasana. People who take yoga in gyms don’t seem to know this one. You’re supposed to take a quick rest at the end of class to help your body absorb the poses. Hopping up too soon disrupts other people’s relaxation.
Thanks for the note, Om Girl! Hope this helps.
Graciously yours,
P.S. Thanks to this eyebrow-raising article, I no longer share yoga mats. Ever.

This means my own personal one is perpetually rolling around/unfurling in the back seat of my car.
Enter the monogrammed yoga bag shown here!
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