Raise your hand if you’re hopelessly hooked on Gossip Girl!

I, for one, come for the acerbic wit and stay for the clothes. Honestly, I think I could watch the show on mute and still be thoroughly entertained.

Ever since last season, I’ve been meaning to track down Blair Waldorf’s signature name plate necklace. It felt like destiny!
After all, I’m right there with her in terms of headbands. And I tend to monogram just about anything that doesn’t have a pulse.
In good news: TeamSugar.com did the legwork for me.
But alas: The one I like is $1200. Mon dieu!
Guess I’ll have to wait until Forever 21 starts cranking out knockoffs at $3.88 a pop.
Anybody else coveting the pale blue and white skirt she had on in last night’s episode? I think it was the scene where she invited Nate and Boring Girl to her party…
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