What’s New, Pussycat?

Let me make one thing clear: unlike a lot of ambitious girls around here, I did not move to Los Angeles to become famous.

With that in mind, maybe I’m missing the pathos behind the relentless pop song “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls. (Don’t have a top-40 station on your presets? Click here to watch the video.)
Y’all probably think I’m going to rant about how everybody in this group looks like a hooker. Or how the song sends a bad message to little girls.
Both may very well be, but since I don’t have a little girl to fuss about yet, I’m kind of fascinated by the lyrics. All summer, I thought Nicole Scherzinger was singing,
When I grow up
I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star
I wanna be in movies.
When I grow up
I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars
I wanna have boobies.
Guess what? It turns out Nicole Sherzinger doesn’t want to have boobies! When she grows up, she wants to have groupies! And somehow that’s a little easier to abide.
I s’pose nobody uses the word “boobies” after about the fifth grade, anyway. What did we ever do without Google?
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