What Not To Do On LinkedIn

Let’s say you’re trying to land a fabulous new job. You update your resume, polish your LinkedIn profile and add a photo that shows you in the most flattering and employable light.woman-taking-duck-face-selfie

Just make sure that picture does NOT depict you:

  • At your wedding
  • In a bar
  • On vacation
  • Looking sultry
  • Snuggling with your pet
  • Making a Kardashian-style duck face
  • Canoodling with someone
  • Posing with children (unless you’re a teacher, etc.)

Certainly there are exceptions for creative professions. If you’re a tattoo artist, for instance, of course you should display some ink. Television producers might pose on a red carpet. Wine merchants can pop bottles. But generally, you want a head-and-shoulders only shot that illustrates your ability to get the job done. Make sure it looks great on screens of all sizes and assures would-be employers that you’re professional, reliable and ready to represent Such & Such, Inc. like a boss.

For more on LinkedIn etiquette, skim through this piece from the New York Post. Keep it classy. And best of luck with that job search!

P.S. Ever seen anything tacky or outrageous on LinkedIn? Spill the story in the comments!

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