Wearing White After Labor Day

Dear Annabel Manners,

I’m wondering about your take on the whole “white after Labor Day” thing. I know it’s fall but it’s also hot as you-know-what right now!
Jenna — Agoura Hills
Hey Jenna!
I know what you mean. I’m sick to death of all my summer skirts, but the weather here is downright balmy. What’s a stylish girl to do?
My general rule is to ruthlessly retire white shoes and purses after Labor Day, but wear whatever white clothing feels right in the heat. (P.S. the Christian Louboutin heels shown here are currently on sale at Bergdorf Goodman. Could be a smart steal for next year!)
Needless to say, crisp white blouses look terrific all year around. And loads of fancy-pants designers (like Chloe, Dior, and Moschino) are peddling white coats for fall.
I think this conundrum is more about fabric than hue. Anything linen or seersucker looks lame on September 2, but certain (less flimsy) white skirts and pants can transition beautifully into the coming season.
To mix up your look without wilting in the heat, try pairing a lightweight scarf in a fab fall color with a sleeveless top and dark denim.
Voila! It’s autumn, at least in your heart.
Graciously yours,
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