Viva la Tory

Have y’all heard about the massive sale at Tory Burch?

It kicks off today at 9 a.m. my time, noon on the east coast.
Personally, I’m in pre-sale mode. (Warm-up stretches, a super-nutritious breakfast, a few retail math drills — why, I could take the S.A.T. after this!)
I’m not sure if it’s all summer merchandise or what, but 70% off is certainly worth a click. Good luck!
Speaking of gorgeous Tory, what did you think of her recent cameo on Gossip Girl?
It’s no secret that I’m slavishly devoted to the show, but this season’s plot lines are testing my fandom just a little bit.
Why, pray tell, isn’t Serena going to Brown? Does anyone buy the fact that Blair is living in a dorm room? And where did Georgina go? This show desperately needs a villainess!
Thank heaven for New York magazine.
I’ll always watch Gossip Girl, if only so I can keep reading their deliciously snarky recaps!
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