Vested Interest

Where to begin.

Fans of Entourage, The O.C. and Dirty Sexy Money will surely recognize Samaire Armstrong, a recently-rehabbed actress shown here at an event at the Avalon in Hollywood.
If you must wear a vest with nothing but bronzer underneath, I suppose it’s best to be small-chested, like Ms. Armstrong (and, let’s face it, yours truly).
For heaven’s sake, don’t try this if your cups runneth over.
But then again, does the whole entire world need to see her solar plexus? It feels like the work of a stylist striving for shock value. And taking a firm stance against silicone.
In my (unapologetically preppy) opinion, this look is more attractive than silly Native American-inspired headbands, yet less tawdry than leggings with built-in kneepads.
Maybe I’d feel better if she hemmed the pants?
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