Vegetarian Etiquette

Dear Annabel,

What is the proper meal planning etiquette when vegetarians visit omnivores for an extended period of time? For that matter what is proper whenever people with dietary restrictions converge?
Thank you for your advice,
Dear S,
Great question!
Since you’re hosting a long-term visitor, you might want to ask that person if there’s anything special you should stock up on before he or she arrives.
I’d also involve your veggie guest (VG) in meal planning. I’m not suggesting that you drastically alter your menus (or make that person something separate every time you sit down to eat). Instead, invite VG to help in the kitchen or bring something supplemental that everyone can enjoy.
By planning ahead, you can make sure your guests feel comfortable and well-fed without adding to your holiday stress.
This is true no matter what kind of dietary needs you’re accommodating. Uncle A can’t have sodium. Aunt B is gluten-free. Cousin C is now a militant locavore. It can make a hostess dizzy!
Communicate in advance and don’t be afraid to delegate. It’s perfectly appropriate to send your VG off to the store in search of a Tofurkey or ask a low-carb crazed relative to bring antipasto.
Good luck cranking out those holiday feasts!
Graciously yours,
P.S. Celeb vegetarian Natalie Portman probably has this down pat, don’t you think?
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