Tweet God

From Britney Spears to P Diddy, celebs are all atwitter.
And now their garrulous parents are, too!
Just ask poor Jessica Simpson, whose mother recently Twittered:
“Driving home in my GWagon with Jess…both are fast and top heavy!”
Lord. I would be mortified.
Let’s pretend (for just a second) that it’s perfectly fine to discuss your child’s curves with strangers.
Shouldn’t somebody run these pearls of digital wisdom by a publicist first?
I can only surmise that Mama Simpson:
A) Had too much wine with dinner
B) Is irrepressibly tacky, or
C) Is actively trying to garner media attention
The correct answer?
D) All of the above.
P.S. Hey y’all, this is my 100th post on!
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