Tulle Time: What’s New in Weddings

Reese Witherspoon got married in a pink Monique Luhillier gown. The whole world is breathless with excitement over Prince William and the future Princess Bride. This year, wedding season is here early, and nobody wants to wait until June!

Here are a few I-Do tidbits that have crossed my radar lately:

1. The New York Times has a new column called The Well-Mannered Wedding maintained by Peggy Post. Of course you can still get top-notch wedding etiquette advice right here on AnnabelManners.com, but sometimes it’s wise to seek a second opinion. 🙂

2. Speaking of NYC, a shop called The Silver Peacock is offering a new service that I think is pure genius. Brides-to-be are invited to bring heirloom items to the boutique (things like Grammy’s china or or Great Aunt Bertie’s silver julep cups). The shop owners help craft a registry that incorporates those inherited pieces and blends them with new items to create a customized, unique look. If you’re nowhere near Park Avenue, you can also enlist them via email.

3. Doesn’t Rachel Bilson (above) look luscious in this Oscar de la Renta dress? Technically it’s not even a wedding gown, but with the right shoes and a short veil, it could be. Check out the full picture here.

4. I don’t know what prompted Lanvin to design a bridal notebook, but I love the look of it. This little luxe item is the perfect gift for a newly engaged friend.

What’s inspiring you these days? Let’s dish!

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