Tuesday Tip

Everything at Anthropologie eventually goes on sale. It’s a law of nature, just like the fact that Heidi Montag always takes pictures with her mouth open.

A world-class shopper I know supplied today’s haute tip. It requires nothing more than patience, perseverance, and an Internet connection.

If you’re a fan of the store, be sure to visit Anthropologie.com every Tuesday and click on the word “sale.”
Each week, they post new markdowns under the heading “fresh cuts.” The offerings alternate between clothing and housewares.
My take? Anthro is reliably cute, but the quality can be awfully flimsy. If there’s something you’re coveting, you’d be wise to wait for the sale.
A few items worth watching:
1. A whisper-thin silk dress.
2. An adorable two-piece.
3. A super-flattering sundress that also comes in black.
4. Pretty little wineglasses that look vintage.
If you score something fabulous, be sure to email me a picture of your fresh-cut find.
Happy Tuesday!
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