Truly Tasteless

This little blogger has been felled by the flu — I am tres sick!
I haven’t ruled out black plague, yellow fever, or any other epic condition normally confined to Little House on the Prairie books.
Anyway, I’ve logged a few hours on the couch lately watching trashy TV and trying to recuperate. All was copacetic until…
This commercial sent me scurrying to the computer, a trail of tissues in my wake.
Essentially, we have David Spade doing an ad for DirectTV and making snide remarks about the late Chris Farley, who appears via footage from Tommy Boy.
In other words, Spade is trotting out his old pal to make a profit, which I find weaselly and repugnant.
One could argue that a portion of the earnings will ultimately go to Farley’s estate, or that Farley himself wouldn’t have minded.
Still, this strikes me as uncommonly crass and disrespectful. Weren’t these two always billed as the best of friends?  What is wrong with people?
Lord. If anyone needs me, I’ll be under a duvet.
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