Town And Country

Do y’all read Town & Country?
I get hand-me-down issues from my mother, a longtime subscriber who mails them out west when she’s finished.
Here’s how I attack ’em:
1. Flip straight to the weddings. Inspect blissful couples in search of people I know.
2. Scrutinize wedding gowns. Lament tiny photos.
3. Read astrological forecast and that of current crush/significant other.
4. Skip to party coverage. Repeat step one.
5. Check Social Graces column as a matter of professional curiosity.
6. Peruse the rest of the magazine at a more sensible pace.
The March issue is devoted to spring fashion, and it’s swarming with gorgeous things!
Not least:
Granted, I can barely afford a vanilla latte at the moment, but a girl’s gotta plan ahead….
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