Total Plaidness

Attention, dear readers: tartan is having a moment, and we preppies just can’t get enough.
Perhaps it’s nothing more than nostalgia. Raise your hand if you spent your formative years in a uniform skirt!
1. Love this trend on Taylor Swift. Here she is looking cute as a blazer button in London.
2. Next up, a pair of cozy kicks to enliven your winter wardrobe. (If this heel is too sensible for your taste, check out Betsey Johnson’s stiletto version. Oooh la la!)
3. It’s a tartan paradise over at Williams Sonoma Home. These table linens would make a marvelous gift, as would their fancypants cashmere throw.
4. Finally, isn’t this Marc Jacbos wrap DELICIOUS? (I know it’s excessive. Nobody ever said it was reasonably priced. Cough, cough.)
Good gracious, I suddenly want to hang a wreath on the door and cue up the Nutcracker. It’s nearly Christmas in So-Cal.
There’s no escaping it once Hunky Santa takes up residence at the Beverly Center!
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