To The Manners Born

Oh, y’all. When a retired wrestler tops my best-dressed list, you know it’s a very peculiar year for Oscar fashion.

Hello darling readers — please forgive my looong blogging hiatus! I’m delighted to announce that the Mr. and I recently welcomed an astonishingly sweet baby boy. Life has been busy but wondrous! (Yes, the pregnant lady from this post was actually me, I just wasn’t ready to announce it yet.)Stacy-Keibler

Still, I couldn’t let an entire awards season slip by with no commentary, so I’m back to discuss the overall lack of sparkle in an evening with lots of sequins.

Honestly, it might have been the snooziest Oscar showing I’ve ever seen. Everyone played it so maddeningly safe that it was a struggle just to choose a few faves. But in accordance with tradition:

  • George Clooney’s GF pulled off Gatsby glam.
  • I’m for more Oscar de la Renta in general, and I thought Amy Adams looked pretty.
  • Jessica Chastain gets points for the fit and silhouette, though I didn’t love the color.
  • Sally Field wore that Valentino perfectly.

I wanted more from Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence. I wish the draping on Melissa McCarthy’s dress would move about 6 inches north. There were very few terrible dresses — just a lot of recycled looks.

With that, I must sign off and feed the little prince. Stay tuned for more on manners and mommyhood!


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