They’re Just Like US!

The actress Hayden Panettiere–ordinarily consumed with dolphin rescue and costar canoodling–recently attended Comic-Con in San Diego.

I spotted a picture of her in a magazine sitting behind a table with a Sharpie at the ready. Presumably, she was signing autographs and greeting fans. Oh, and squirting Purell (or something comparable) into her hands between visitors.
Now, I certainly understand mild (OK, moderate) germophobia. If I had to shake a thousand sweaty, Cheeto-stained, sneeze-bearing digits, I’d be sanitizing right alongside her.

But then again, those Heroes-loving lads probably waited in line for hours to meet her. Some may have even traveled great distances.  I think there’s something haughty and imperious about blatantly wiping away all that nerd DNA.
To any celebrities who might be reading this, I say disinfect with gusto. Just, you know, step away from the table first.
What do y’all think?
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