The Unapologetic Grammar Snob

It’s OK to be unapologetically snobby about some things. Thread count. Eye cream. Pinot noir.
And perhaps the English language.
In case you missed it, ruthless contender Vienna Girardi won big on The Bachelor.
Obviously I shouldn’t be watching this tacky extravaganza in the first place, but last night’s episode truly made me cringe.
I think Villainous Vienna could benefit from a session with Henry Higgins. For example:
Today could be the first day of Jake and I’s life together!
I only know the relationship that him and I have…
Alas, she wasn’t the only offender. Jake’s mother (with whom Vienna got off on the wrong foot, naturally) worried aloud that Vienna wouldn’t get along with her other “daughter in laws.”
Now, I know grammar can be tricky and arcane, and that our standards for what’s acceptable are continually evolving.
But good gracious! The plural of “daughter in law” is “daughters in law.” The same is true of fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers.
This sort of thing sends shivers down my spine.
I think it’s a sign that I should return to scripted television.
At least until fan favorite Ali is cast as the Bachelorette.
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