The Gracious Escape

Without question, the most gracious spot in all of Los Angeles is a hotel in Santa Monica called Shutters on the Beach.

Oh, y’all. It’s like staying in someone’s fabulously posh beach house. Everything about this place is charming, right down to the snug, antiquated elevators.
Shutters isn’t one of those hip hotels where the people who work there are too cool to dispense good service. Everyone is lovely, from the desk clerks to the doormen.
Here are four more Annabel Manners faves:
1.  Chez Mimi — the kind of restaurant that attracts cute little old ladies having lunch in St. John. Be sure to sit on the patio.
2. The Huntington Museum — breathtaking gardens, neato library/museum and a tearoom!
3. The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills — strong possibility of tacky star sightings but a beautiful backdrop for Sunday brunch.
4. Campanile — an urban oasis with extraordinarily great food.
Need a dose of civility? Pop into any of the above and breath deeply.
I promise it will erase whatever crass thing you witnessed in traffic on the way over.
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