The Essesentials of Fabulous

No one is born fabulous. You have to decide to do it — to transform yourself into one of those amazing creatures that infiltrate our lives and ignite our dreams with their swagger, energy, pizazz and soigné charm.

Such is the premise of The Essentials of Fabulous, a new book by Ellen Lubin-Sherman. At first glance, it might seem like one of a thousand manuals instructing women on the finer points of glamor and style.

Au contraire.

Sherman is a branding expert who applies principles of fabulous living to the business world. Take all the qualities that make you a sparkling, in-demand dinner party guest and deploy them professionally. You’ll make an indelible impression and outshine yourSaint Laurent Handbagcompetition just by being, well, fabulous.

At 151 pages, the book is a petite, zippy read. Sherman covers everything from how to make small talk to sending unforgettable emails. Like me, she believes details matter, whether it’s a handwritten thank-you note on top-notch stationery or an impossibly chic handbag that sets you apart. (Scrumptious side note: the one pictured here is by Yves Saint Laurent.)

There’s a whole chapter devoted to manners for the modern age, hints on how to channel your inner whirling dervish, and a wealth of suggestions for supplementary reading.

I recommend The Essentials of Fabulous to anyone looking for a job, eying a promotion, or just trying to locate her lost joie de vivre.

As Sherman writes,

“Once you start living a life that’s dictated by imaginative good sense, charm, and manners, the world is your oyster.”

Good gracious, I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s all head off and have a truly fabulous day!

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