Thanksgiving Etiquette

Dashing between two competing turkey dinners? Dreading the moment your lout of a brother-in-law starts talking politics? Cooking for a crowd of fussy eaters?

Good gracious, it must be Thanksgiving.

The other day I received a letter from a newly engaged girl who wanted to know if she and her fiance could divide and conquer on the big day. They’re planning to hit two family dinners (just not together).

Alas, a certain multitasking blogger accidentally deleted the email before issuing a response. Ahem.

In case the bride-to-be is reading:

From an etiquette point of view, the answer is yes. Just communicate your plans to both hostesses as soon as possible. But are you sure you want to miss the chance to do this together? It seems like a fun opportunity to celebrate the news with both families. Besides, you’ll probably be besieged with questions about the wedding, and nobody wants to field those alone.

In other news:

  • has a terrific list of Thanksgiving etiquette tips for hostesses and guests.
  • The image you see here is from Home for the Holidays, also known as the best Thanksgiving movie ever. Look for it on cable this week. It’s an I-love-the-90s delight.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, everybody!



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