Texting Etiquette

Nobody makes me laugh quite like The Flip Flop Contessa. She’s the life of any party, a legendary hostess, and a hilariously bossy Scorpio with impeccable taste.

We’ve logged countless hours sipping wine on her porch. Once, when we were making plans to hang out, she said to me:

“Sure, Thursday sounds good. But can we set aside some time to, like, talk about people?”

Occasionally she’ll throw me a pointed look and add, “I have a little something to discuss with Annabel Manners…”

Loosely translated, this means, “Someone we know is being insufferable. Wait until you hear about this.”

Her latest rant has to do with text etiquette. Specifically, the question of when to text and when to call.

Obviously texting is convenient, addictive and fun. It’s perfect for tactical topics like:

  • I’m running 10 minutes late. Eek!
  • Meet me in the shoe department @ Bloomies 🙂
  • Reservation is under my name.
  • Low on wine! Can u please grab some on your way?

That said, there are also things one should NEVER text. Things like:

  • We’re engaged!
  • It’s over.
  • Guess who’s pregnant?
  • I have terrible news…

Of course there are exceptions and nuances to every rule, it’s just that certain topics (and certain people) deserve an old-school phone call.

As our phones become increasingly capable, it’s hard to remember their (former) primary use.

Today’s Haute Tip: If you’re about to drop some big news, pick up the phone and dial. Save the texting for tiny developments, not huge, tectonic shifts. LOL.

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