Tardy Treat

Dear Annabel Manners, 

I know a couple who got married two years ago. I went to the wedding but never got them a gift. 
Is there such a thing as too late? I feel like such a bad friend!
T.L. — Silverlake
Dear T.L.,
While of course it’s preferable to send a present before or soon after the wedding, it’s never too late to correct a tiny etiquette slip.
Since you’re gifting at your own pace, you get to deviate from their long-forgotten registry and have some fun with this. Chances are their kitchen cabinets are groaning under the weight of all that Crap & Barrel anyway.
[Blogger’s note: When I was engaged to Coleman, I registered for two sets of dressy china, a pile of my mama’s silver, and heaps of Baccarat crystal. What did I think we were going to eat breakfast on? The Hermes?]
But back to T.L.’s conundrum. Let’s think outside the little blue box. How ’bout:
  • A surprise lobster dinner delivered straight to their door
  • A one-year subscription to the Sunday New York Times
  • Concert, comedy, or theater tickets
  • Lovely stationery featuring both names
  • A night at a luxurious boutique hotel
  • Golf lessons, dance lessons, or surfing lessons
  • A terrific bottle of champagne in time for their next anniversary
You get the idea — just use your creativity! A thoughtful, unconventional gift and a lighthearted note will thrill the not-quite newlyweds (and banish your lingering guilt). Everybody wins!
Graciously yours,
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