Tacky Tuesday

Hope y’all are feeling hearty and hale. Today we’re going to scrutinize three trends that might give delicate readers the shivers.
First up, the Bra Barrette, which serves two purposes. It keeps your straps from sliding around and functions as jewelry. For your back.
Anybody else getting a theme park vibe, here?

Finally, can you keep a secret? Tori and Dean is one of my unapologetic guilty pleasures. Here’s why:
Either Tori Spelling really is a sweet, lovable, devoted mom, or she’s a far better actress than anyone ever guessed.
But back to fashion. The Uggs don’t even faze me anymore. I live in L.A., therefore I’m more or less immune to them.
It’s the baffling combination of sand and suede. Does anyone else find that wildly impractical?
It may be Tacky Tuesday elsewhere in town, but this little blogger has a solution.
I’m hauling out the big guns: family pearls and my new Tory slides!
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