Like many of you, I’m an avid reader of Daily Candy. Recently, the New York edition featured a company called Brooklyn Social Cards, creators of the posh calling card pictured above.

I love that this antiquated notion is back in favor among trendy N.Y.C. tastemakers. I’ve had personalized calling cards since nursery school. I use them to this day, therefore it’s safe to say they’re alive and kicking on both coasts.
Please don’t confuse them with business cards. These babies are strictly for social purposes (and therefore far more interesting to me). Why stand around awkwardly programming numbers into each other’s cell phones when you and a new friend–or hottie–can swap cards instead?
I use them primarily to distinguish presents. Calling cards look simply adorable peeking out from a gift bag, fastened to the top of a wrapped package, or cleverly tied to a bottle of wine you’re taking as a hostess gift.
My calling cards have only my name and phone number, though these days many people like to include their email addresses as well. (You can also choose to display nothing but your name, which is especially popular in calling cards for children.)
Now that I’m a frugal frau, I feel obligated to tell y’all that Brooklyn Social Cards are pretty pricy. Worry not. You can order lovely calling cards that get the job done for far less, I promise.
Let’s bring ’em back! Try visiting a site like FineStationery.com. You’ll find a wide range of prices and styles, and you can easily customize the cards to suit your personal taste.
Who’s with me?
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