Super Shady

Under certain circumstances, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy yourself a present. It might be a new-job handbag, a hot-date party dress, or someone-just-broke-up-with-me stilettos.

Today I went shopping for a pair of happy-birthday-to-me sunglasses. I love my aviators, but lately I’ve been in a bit of a Ray-Ban rut…

Effective immediately, I’ll be glamming it up in these fabulous new Tom Ford shades:

This brings me to a point about check etiquette. If some generous soul sends you a birthday, wedding, or new-baby check, it’s best to deposit it quickly and write a thank-you note straight away.

I recently heard a story about a new mother who received a $500 check for her newborn. She cashed it a cool 10 months later, which no doubt disrupted her gift-giver’s whole accounting system.

Obviously it’s OK to save the money, just make sure you deposit it rather than stuffing the card in a drawer and forgetting all about it.

Really, it just proves what I’ve always known to be true.

Shopping truly is the gracious thing to do.


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