Sultry Sneak-Peek

Hubba hubba.

Check out the ads for the new Melrose Place, coming this fall to the CW.
As I’ve confessed before in this very space, I have a weakness for tacky TV. Back in the day, I watched l’original, so there’s an excellent chance I’ll tune in for this version.
The more pressing question: what, pray tell, is poor Ashlee Simpson wearing in this picture?
It looks to be a flimsy bodysuit tucked into jeans. Wait, no. Studded jean shorts.
Talk about a nod to the 90s!
Other concerns:
1. Why does this fellow have one leg in the pool?
2. Who’s that lurking in the background, and why is he 15 years older than everyone else?
Whatever, I just hope they bring back Jane and Sydney!
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