Strike Two

Oh, dear. Say hello to alumna Aubrey O’Day.

This time she’s wearing a t-shirt dress that looks suspiciously like…a regular ol’ t-shirt. Sans bra. Or pants, for goodness’ sake.
I can’t help but wonder how photos like this are received at Obama campaign headquarters. One one hand, I can imagine:
STAFFER #1: Maybe we should kidnap her. Just until after the election.
STAFFER #2: Good call. I’ll look into it.
But in reality, it’s probably more like:
STAFFER #1: Guys! Come see this. Who is this hussy?
STAFFER #2: Hah! No idea.
STAFFER #3: Nice headband.
Aubrey honey, whenever you’re ready for a taste makeover, I’m an email away.
P.S. Look at the expression on that dog’s face! He knows what’s what.
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