Star Sightings and Fall Fashion

Darling readers, how on earth can it be September? Between job hopping, summer travel, and a precious new baby niece, life is moving at a dizzying (but deliciously) fast pace.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a starry experience I just had to share…

The Scene: Rosewood Tavern, a new-ish steakhouse/pub on Fairfax in L.A.

At the next table sat several character actors (recognizable but hard to name) and one super-cute star: Mr. Paul Rudd, whose photos just don’t do him justice.

Now, this would have been exciting enough. Josh from Clueless! He’s infinitely better-looking in person, not to mention fascinatingly ageless.

Well, you’ll never guess who joined that table. My boyfriend spotted him first.

“You are going to DIE when you see who just walked in. Which celebrity do you love best of all?”

L.L. Cool J?” I guessed, incredulous.

“OK, second best.”

And that’s when I knew. Jon Hamm, who ordered a glass of red wine five feet away!

Talk about an etiquette conundrum. How do you stay politely focused on your dining companion when all you can think about it is, “Oh my God, I’ve never seen anyone so handsome in my whole life. Who looks that good in a white t-shirt and jeans? Can we talk about those shoulders?”

Needless to say, I held it together. But just barely.


As longtime readers know, I never let go of summer without a fight. The words “back to school” make me want to play Beach Boys records and wear sundresses until Halloween. Which is completely feasible in Los Angeles, albeit a little silly.

Still, one must always keep moving ahead, and for me fall fashion is a great motivator.

Y’all are going to think I’ve lost my mind, but over the weekend I bought the most FANTASTIC faux leather skirt to help ease the transition.

The key to making something like this work is to pair it with unexpected extras, like a crisp white button-down and high-end heels. I deliberately bought mine a little big so it would sit lower on my hips and provide a few additional inches of length. Alternatively, you could rock the short version with black tights to eradicate any risk of tackiness.

Apparently this skirt has some star power, too. The girl ringing me up said Nicole Richie bought the exact same one last Thursday when she was at the Beverly Center for Fashion’s Night Out.

Fun, flirty, and a mere $15.80?

I can totally fall for that.

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