Something Botoxed

A reader on the east coast recently sent me this New York Times article about brides-to-be asking their ‘maids to get Botox, breast implants, and other life-altering beauty treatments before the big day.
Needless to say, from an etiquette point of view, this is not OK. (To say nothing of the friendship implications!)
But it does raise an interesting question. Once upon a time, most wedding guests felt obligated to remark on the radiance of the bride, even if they secretly felt otherwise. (Such a gorgeous dress! Isn’t she lovely! etc.)
Nowadays, it must be more like, “Wow, that girl is stacked!” Or, “Clearly the bride harbors no fear of needles! Her forehead is so…taut and shiny!”
Kind of makes you long for a time when obsessive dieting and tooth-whitening sufficed.
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