Soho Hottie

Nobody delivers a withering glance like Olivia Palermo, the reality TV villainess from MTV’s The City.

Last year, I found her deliciously evil and chic, but I barely even noticed her in this photo.
I was too busy gazing at him.
Darling readers, meet Johannes Huebl, a German model who’s squired Miss Palermo to a party or two in the past.
(When I Googled his name, the word “abs” automatically appeared in the search field. Ahem.)
If this handsome lad is going to be on television, I’ll willingly hand over 22 minutes of my life each week. It won’t matter what Olivia’s wearing, where she had lunch, or whether she just uttered a zinger that left Whitney Port slack-jawed yet again.
Speaking of The City, and therefore of Diane von Furstenberg, check out a fun photo shoot that pairs DVF herself–and several other fashion luminaries–with Sesame Street characters.
Oscar de la Renta, meet Oscar the Grouch!
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