So-Cal Santa

Red cups at Starbucks. Baccarat chandeliers in Beverly Hills. Most of us haven’t even bought our Thanksgiving turkeys yet, but there’s no escaping the looming yule.

Want to heat up your holiday season? Beginning on November 28, Beverly Center shoppers are invited to meet the vaunted “Hunky Santa.” Naturally,  he will be flanked by a bevy of ho ho hoes known as the Candy Cane Dancers.
Oh yes, y’all. This Santa has hussies.
The Beverly Center insists that Hunky Santa (he of the waxed chest and washboard abs) isn’t meant to replace Classic Santa (who is reassuringly bearded and plump). Furthermore, Hunky Santa only appears on weekend evenings, presumably after L.A.’s little tykes are at home dreaming of sugarplums.
Call me a purist, but I like my Santas jolly and fat, as opposed to metrosexual and most certainly on Atkins.
What do you think? Would you sit on his lap?
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