Side Cleavage: The New Black?

In her mild defense… I really don’t see a solution here.
There’s no bra on earth that could work with this cut. The dress (are we sure it’s a dress?) is just so short.
I have so many questions!
  • Is it a swimsuit coverup?
  • Or something that’s meant to be worn over jeans and a camisole?
  • Should she go up a size, then alter?

Maybe it’s an example of children’s department foraging gone wrong.

In any case, those of us playing along at home are lucky there’s no one around to chronicle all our fashion missteps.
Except maybe Facebook.
In other news, did y’all see the Tory Burch promo code?
Buy a pair of Revas, save 25% on full-priced gear. Just enter the code 25REVA at checkout to get the deal.
No sideways about it!
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