Short-Girl Style Tip

Without a doubt, my favorite warm-weather jacket is a cropped, white denim number with brushed gold buttons.
I’ve had it for three years and it just keeps on giving!
Believe it or not, I found this indispensable treasure in the children’s department at, um, Old Navy.

Today’s haute tip is for my fellow little ladies. (Short Southern Mama, I have a feeling this one might apply to you!)

If you need basics (like tank tops, t-shirts, or cardigans) and you’re small on top, take a spin through the little girls’ department.
Stores like Target, Old Navy, and the Gap are full of possibilities. Everything is cheaper, and the quality is comparable to what you’ll find in the grown-ups section.
For example:
  • Love the babydoll sweater ($19.50) shown here. I’d wear it with jeans and red heels.
  • This yellow, one-shoulder tank top ($6.98) would look adorable with a white skirt and gold jewelry.
  • Long-sleeved t-shirts ($9 each if you buy two or more) come in handy for layering as the seasons change.
Not everything will fit, but it’s worth grabbing a few tiny items on your way to the dressing room.
That way you can spend your real money on more important things.
Like shoes.
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