Shoesday Dilemma

On a very good day, with excellent posture, I am five foot three and 1/8 of an inch tall.

I adore heels (not the kitten kind), and I wear them almost every day of my life.

The problem? Over time, I’ve accidentally drilled a stiletto-sized hole into the floor of my car.

I’m now the proud owner of a sleek new ride, and I’d really like to avoid this in the future. Here are the options as I see them:

1) Invent a genius solution that takes off a la Spanx. Never worry about wear and tear again.
2) Buy a pair of cute driving moccasins and change into them behind the wheel. (This is less practical now that boot season is upon us.)
3) Stop being such a glamour puss and resign myself to wearing flats.

(That last one was a trick answer. Mon dieu!)

Anybody else ever experienced this, or am I the only one for whom wheels and heels are inextricably linked?

P.S. The spectacular shoes pictured above are by Brian Atwood, whom I hereby declare a national treasure.

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