Sex and the (Capital) City

Check out this cute candid picture of Sarah Jessica Parker attending the National Medal of Honor ceremony last night in Washington, D.C.

This is such a classic Carrie Bradshaw expression — she might as well be eyeing Mr. Big.

I must admit, though I was an enormous fan of the series, the movie fell a little bit short for me. It was so heavy, and unkind to my beloved characters. Where was the trademark wit? And the up-to-the-minute hipness?
As you might have heard, a sequel is coming this spring. Call it brand loyalty (or girly sentimentality), but I recently saw the trailer and felt my shoe-loving heart soar!
Let’s face it — this movie could be a terrible, plotless whale of a film. It doesn’t matter, they already have my money. I’ll be there on opening weekend, eyes shining, with whichever of my girlfriends are willing to stand in line.
Men are immune to all this, which of course is part of the magic. (“She’s just not attractive,” insisted one ex-boyfriend. “I don’t get it at all,” said another.) Meanwhile, we ladies just can’t get enough.
Carrie on!
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