Sensible Celeb

I have no doubt that the future Mrs. Kevin Jonas is lovely.

Still, I can’t help but applaud KJ and his family/lawyer/entourage for embracing that legal love letter known as the prenuptial agreement.
If we’ve learned anything from Britney Spears, it’s that one (or two) Vegas I-Do’s can mean a sizable financial hit.
Kevin Jonas might not be married forever. More importantly, Kevin Jonas might not be famous forever, which is a compelling reason to safeguard that teenybopper trust fund.
Speaking of business decisions, I’m sorry to report that my go-to L.A. stationery store is closing its doors.
I know there are fabulous places to get invitations and monogrammed notecards online, but I like dropping in, looking at samples, and placing my order with an actual person.
I’m so over this recession, aren’t you?
If you’re local, be sure to check out the 50% off sale. The final day is Friday, October 16.
Do y’all order stationery online? What are your favorite sites?
Have a lovely weekend, everybody…
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