Scents and Sensibility

Did you know it’s a breach of etiquette to wear heavy perfume in fine restaurants?

It’s true! One spritz too many can interfere with your fellow diners’ ability to taste and smell food and wine.
That said, I adore perfume — I never leave the house without a dab of something pretty behind my ears.
Currently I’m addicted to Chloe, once a Saks exclusive that’s now widely available.
Also in the rotation? Bvlgari au the Blanc, which is fabulous but requires a light touch.
I sometimes trot out my old favorite, Burberry Touch (although I think I’ve had this particular bottle a little too long).
My new love is Lanvin. I don’t own it yet but I sampled it at Neiman’s and swooned, not least because of the delicate pink tulle on the bottle!
Do y’all have a signature scent? Anything new and chic I should know about?
Let’s dish! Just, you know, not in a five-star restaurant.
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