Santa-rific Gifts

Don’t stress, sugarplums.
This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is the biggest, cleverest, and preppiest yet!
Do consider…
1. This art deco brooch from Banana Republic ($32). Looks like a family heirloom, does it not?
2. Jonathan Adler’s kitchy needlepoint backgammon set ($295).
3. A tuxedo-shaped flask for your fella ($29).
4. The coolest pirate ship a little boy could possibly imagine ($104).
5. Monogrammed melamine serving trays ($45) by Fontaine Maury.
6. A very masculine monogrammed web belt ($49) from Social Primer.
7. The cutest measuring spoons in the history of kitchens ($24).
8. A book called Munchkin Manners ($55). Because it’s never too soon, really.
9. Meg Carter’s “Audrey” earrings in blue ($165).

10. A tin of delicious Charleston benne wafers from Olde Colony Bakery ($12.99).
11. Classic aviator sunglasses ($129), in which all men look like movie stars.
12. The hautest handbag from Bendel’s ($298). Lord, but that new store is dangerous.
13. The princess dress-up kit from Juicy Couture ($98). Bafflingly not available in grown-up sizes.
14. And finally, Imelda May’s outstanding debut CD. So giftable!
Now, did I miss anything? Post your fab ideas right here.
Let’s get this shopping business out of the way so we can put on our party shoes!
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