Rude Dude

The scene: Ralph’s supermarket, 3rd and La Brea. As ever, it was crowded and chaotic.

There was an elderly Asian gentleman in front of me and a decidedly un-gentlemanly white guy behind me in line.
I was minding my own business, happily thumbing through a tabloid I had no intention of buying.
“Excuse me? Hi. How about you…” White Guy (40s) gestured at my yet-unloaded basket impatiently while the Asian man waited for his total.
I complied, slightly taken aback. White Guy turned around and snapped at a 5-year-old who didn’t belong to him. My eyes grew wider.
When the Asian man finally collected his change, White Guy reached past me roughly to dump his groceries onto the conveyor belt.
This was already too cozy for my taste — and then his forearm grazed my chest.
“I beg your pardon!” I huffed. (Personal space invader! Possible sex offender! All-around jerk!)
At this point, White Guy could have back-peddled and apologized. But of course he didn’t, so I gave him a patented Annabel Manners withering look.
Well, at least I hope it was a withering look. I’m five foot three and I was wearing a pink sundress. I probably looked about as intimidating as the Little Mermaid.
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