Red Carpet Recap

When it comes to awards shows, I have pitifully low standards. If there’s a red carpet and a sea of frothy gowns, my viewership is all but guaranteed.

Without a doubt, the award for best dressed goes to Kiernan Shipka, the cutie who plays Sally Draper on Mad Men. I love that she actually looks like a little girl (as opposed to a miniature starlet).

As for her TV mama, January Jones, I’m uncharacteristically on the fence. Her royal blue Versace gown looks swingy and fun to wear, but this is a lot of dress. Not my first choice for such a gorgeous girl.

Other observations:

  • Heidi Klum’s Marchesa dress was far too short for a formal event.
  • Claire Danes absolutely glowed in Armani.
  • I want to write a strongly-worded letter to Prada on behalf of poor Rita Wilson.
  • Julia Ormond rocked her red dress (and those cool Wonder Woman-style bracelets).
  • Kelly Osbourne looked amazingly glam in a dramatic black gown that fit her perfectly.
  • I think Lauren Graham is beautiful, but her black and white dress just didn’t flatter.

Tell me this: did you have a favorite? Or were you content just to see Jon Hamm in a tuxedo?

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