Reality Check

Calling all readers in L.A., Dallas, Charlotte, New York, and New Jersey.

Reality stardom is within reach. You too could be tweeting about dental work!
Check out the casting notice for a new show called The Good Life.
If you’re getting pampered on someone else’s dime and your extravagant lifestyle includes luxury cars, designer handbags and expensive jewelry, you could be just the girl we’re looking for…
Buy a knockoff? No way! Do your own laundry? Unthinkable! Pay Your own way? We must be kidding!
Lord, y’all. This is how it begins.
Meanwhile, cool celebrities like Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys are busy getting ready to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti.
Though to be fair, Kim Kardashian is also pitching in via an appearance tonight in Cleveland, OH.
Tweet on, honey. Every little bit helps.
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