Pret A Poor Taste

Oh, y’all.

I’ll give you three horrified guesses as to where Pamela Anderson was headed when this series of unfortunate photos was snapped:
A) Church.
B) Out for more drugs.
C) Oh, I don’t know, how about an art gallery?
Yes friends, the answer is C. Because nothing quite says “culture” like Fred Flintstone bikini bottoms, high heels and a beanie you got for free at the X Games in 1998.
Yabba dabba doo!
I understand that sometimes celebs need to cause a stir, but this Baywatch alum is hovering around 40. It’s past time to put on some pants.
If, like me, you now need fashion sorbet the way some people need insulin, click on over to to see the most adorable dress ever.
Mmmmm. Resort wear.
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