Preppy Perfection

Sometimes you just have to put your espadrille-shod foot down.
I was planning to post a picture of Lindsay Lohan’s 15-year-old sister in appallingly short denim cutoffs, but it just seemed irresponsible.
(Click here if you want to open Pandora’s box of teen train wreckage anyway.)
Instead, let’s turn our attention to summer frocks. I’m coveting this strapless wonder!
The Cut (New York Magazine’s style blog) suggested it as a bridesmaid’s dress because of its wear-again versatility.
Imagine it with pearls and gold heels. Or a turquoise necklace for contrast!
Let’s end on a celebrity positive, shall we?
Check out Kristen Bell looking simply precious in a baby blue sundress paired with hot pink sandals.
I feel a thousand times better. Thank goodness for style sorbet!
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