Phone Manners 101

As you might imagine, I have a thing about cell phone etiquette.
The New York Times recently tackled the topic in my beloved Fashion & Style section.
For the record, I’m appalled by the notion of manners vigilantes who prey on people having noisy conversations in public. It’s a tacky antidote that creates an entirely new problem.
However, I’m rather firm on the subject of how to answer the phone. Ideally, it should go something like this:
CALLER: May I speak to Jennifer?
JENNIFER (Pleasantly): Yes, this is she.
As opposed to:
CALLER: May I speak to Jennifer?
JENNIFER (Squawking): This is.
I’m not saying we should all walk around talking like Jane Austen, just that minor grammatical adjustments make a big difference.
Well, that and the practice of not barking into the phone like a scullery maid.
P.S. Isn’t this image the cutest? I just love the idea of J.A. taking meetings in Hollywood…
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