Dear Annabel Manners, 

I hope you can help with this. It’s an emergency!
My friends are coming for the weekend. They’re stopping through town on their way home from visiting family in a neighboring state. I, of course, offered to host them. I’m thrilled that they’re coming!
Alas, on this, the EVE of their arrival, they mentioned that they also have their DOG in tow. Mine is not a dog-friendly household. They’ve offered to get a hotel, but I can’t in good conscience put them out on the street. 
Honestly, I was floored. So much for being the hostess with the mostess! Now I’m in full-on disaster mode. I mean, have you ever? 
C.S. in the Midwest
Dear C.S.,
Good lord. Remind me to do a post on how to be a gracious guest.
At least your visitors gave you some warning as to the canine code red. Fear not — I have a solution.
It’s not your friends who should find a hotel, it’s the pooch!
I suggest you put your other hostess duties on hold for a second. Hop online and find a nearby kennel where doggies can board overnight.
When you talk to your friends, simply explain that your place isn’t dog-friendly. There’s no need to go into greater detail. Don’t feel like you have to trot out a pet allergy or a tyrannical landlord.
Just say that you can’t wait to see them, but accommodating Fluffy is impossible in your present house/apartment/condo.
Your friends may grumble at the added expense and inconvenience, but since they offered to find a hotel, they obviously know it’s a lot to ask.
Get that puppy safely settled so you can focus on enjoying your time together. Hope this helps!
Graciously yours,
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