Pet Etiquette: Taking Dogs Shopping

love-goldendoodleHow can you tell you’re in Southern California? Look for:

  • Jeans in 5-star restaurants
  • Cozy scarves paired with flip-flops
  • And of course, dogs at the mall.

I’m not just talking about teacup-sized chihuahuas riding around in purses. Over the weekend, I saw a German shepherd trotting through Nordstrom.

According to the L.A. Times, there are no size restrictions for canines aspiring to visit The Grove. All dogs are welcome, which is why there are more leashes than strollers.

It’s no secret that people in L.A. adore their pets. (Remember my rant about the puppy in a baby sling on Robertson Boulevard?)

Being a dog person myself, I love seeing them lounging around on restaurant patios or meandering down the street with their owners. 

Just maybe not in department stores. They make me nervous around the Jimmy Choos.

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