Party Tricks

According to the French chemist Louis Pasteur, chance favors the prepared mind.

I heartily agree, and would like to add that chance also favors the prepared hostess. Here’s what I always have on hand in case of impromptu cocktail parties at the pool house.
1. Presto Prosecco
Think nothing at Whole Foods is remotely affordable? This crisp, bubbly prosecco is less than $10. Cheers!
2. Marcona Almonds
Try the rosemary and sea salt variety at Trader Joe’s. I’m obsessed.
3. Olive Tapenade
Either make your own or buy a jar to stash in the pantry. Serve with goat cheese and crackers. Divine!
4. Linen Cocktail Napkins
So chic. Even more so if they’re monogrammed.
5. James Hunter
There are three albums, and I have them all. This Brit is utter party perfection!
P.S. Speaking of thrift, the gorgeous skirt pictured here is currently on sale at
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