Parasol City

As I’ve mentioned before, my Los Angeles BFF is an unapologetic hipster.

She spent last weekend grooving and partying at Coachella, where temperatures soared above 90 degrees.”U would fit right in!” she texted from a VIP tent. “I keep seeing girls w/ parasols!”


As a general rule, I don’t do punishing rays.Whether it’s SPF 85 (courtesy of Neutrogena), a table in the shade, or a pretty paper umbrella, I seize every opportunity to shield my skin from the sun.


I’ve long been a fan of the parasol as both an accessory and a protective tool. 

Sure, they can be tricky on crowded thoroughfares like, say, Third Street Promenade. And it’s nearly impossibly to hold hands with a taller person while carrying one.But if you ask me, parasols are worth the effort.

Chic. Sassy. And way cheaper than Botox!

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