Oscar (The Grouch)

It’s time once again for my annual Super Bowl recap — a detailed, play-by-play analysis of Oscar fashion and finery.
With a heavy heart, I must declare this year’s gowns to be a bit of a snooze, but don’t worry. I can still drum up plenty of opinions.
One of the evening’s hottest trends? Slumpy shoulders! Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart seemed to be in a slouch-off (and Miley’s snug-fitting bodice only exacerbated the problem).
And then there were the gum-chomping celebs. (Really, Jake Gyllenhaal? Et tu, Sarah Jessica Parker?) Apparently Trident is the new black.
This must be what sporty people call a “rebuilding year.”
But back to fashion:
Most Valuable Players
  • I thought Sandra Bullock looked lovely. Her hair and makeup were truly exquisite.
  • Helen Mirren always gets it right.
  • Demi Moore is downright inspirational.
  • Rachel McAdams pulled off a tricky maneuver with aplomb: a patterned gown that actually worked.
  • Gum-chewing aside, I thought SJP‘s Chanel dress was pretty and different.
  • From a style point of view, the only man worth mentioning is Tom Ford.
Fumbles and Fouls
What did y’all think? I’d love to hear your rants and raves…
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